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Oregon Business Dispute Lawyer

Business Dispute lawyer in Oregon

Business defense pertains to the sets of rules and laws that adheres to business organizations. This can include drafting contracts and business planning. At Aultman Law, my focus is on helping business owners resolve business disputes in Oregon. 

Oregon Business Litigation

Business litigation, also known as business defense deals with business disputes. The claim can be between an individual and a business or be between two businesses. Common types of business disputes that business lawyers help moderate are:

  • breach of contract
  • partnership disputes
  • false advertising
  • breach of fiduciary duty
  • interference with a business interest
  • fraudulent misrepresentation of a service or product

Business disputes are a growing reality in today’s complex business environment. These disputes can be time-consuming, emotional and confusing. Therefore, hiring an professional business dispute lawyer in Oregon is the key to successfully resolving a business dispute.

business dispute attorney in oregon

Business Dispute Defense Experience

During my 15 years of experience resolving business disputes in Oregon state, I have helped many businesses understand their contractual obligations. I’ve discovered that most business clients prefer to resolve their disputes out of court so they can focus on running their businesses. This also avoids the uncertainty of trials and court rulings.

If for whatever reason the dispute is unsolvable out of court, you can count on Aultman Law to defend your business against a dispute. I have defended business disputes in Oregon and Washington State. If you need help with a business litigation or business dispute matter in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Texas, or surrounding counties, contact my office today.

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