The Pros and Cons of Settling a Personal Injury Case

What are the Pros and Cons of Settling a Personal Injury Case? When you first retain an attorney to handle your personal injury case, images of a trial might run through your head. This is certainly one way to resolve your case. But it could come at a high cost, both financially and emotionally, especially […]

What is a Liability Waiver?

a person signs a liability waiver

Most people have signed liability waivers in their lives without knowing it. They are usually presented to consumers for signature just before renting skis, snowmobiles, going on a sightseeing trip in a helicopter, renting construction equipment, or going on a scuba diving excursion. If the activity has any potential risk of causing injury, chances are […]

Does My Car Insurance Follow Me or the Car?

car insurance follows car not the driver

Your daughter borrows your car and causes an accident. You let your best friend borrow your car because his vehicle is in the shop. Your friend then causes an accident. A person breaks into your garage, steals your car, and crashes. Will your car insurance cover these accidents? Yes, but there are some important limitations. […]

What is Subrogation and the “Mahler Reduction?”

What is subrogation? Subrogation is an equitable legal doctrine that means one person has a right of repayment from another person. If that sounds complicated, it can be. Many attorneys and legal scholars struggle to understand it, but subrogation is very familiar to insurance companies. To help understand subrogation, let’s use a common situation involving […]

What is the Purpose of a Deposition?

Aultman Law informs residents of the Tri Cities what the purpose of a deposition is

Definition of a Deposition A deposition consists of a procedure outside of court where an attorney collects information and facts from a witness in a court case. Discovery is part of this process and encompasses information that will be used in court. The findings that are made during discovery can bring about a settlement or […]

Is It Okay to Breach a Contract?

Kennewick Lawyer discusses the risks of breaking a contract

What is a breach of contract? We live in a world filled with contracts. Much of how and when we do things is regulated nowadays by contracts. If you have a credit card, there is a written contract between you and the credit card company. If you are renting an apartment, there is a written […]

What Is The Process of a Lawsuit?

Header image for what is the process of a lawsuit article written by kennewick attorney Jeff Aultman

What Happens In a Civil Lawsuit? A civil lawsuit is a dispute between two or more people. The word people include businesses and governments. A criminal lawsuit, on the other hand, is a dispute between the state and a private individual for violations of the state’s criminal laws. This blog provides an overview of the […]

If a Business Deceived Me, Can I Sue?

If a business deceived me, can I sue? This question has been around for as long as businesses have been around. The answer was not always obvious, but a recent court opinion has made it easier for Washingtonians to sue businesses for unfair or deceptive business acts and practices.   Washington State Consumer Laws Washington State […]

What is an Insurance Defense Lawyer?

slip and fall attorney

What is an insurance defense lawyer? Insurance companies sell insurance policies such as automobile insurance, medical malpractice insurance, commercial property insurance, and homeowner insurance through licensed insurance brokers. Insurance companies also employ licensed claims adjusters to handle claims made under these policies. Insurance companies hire attorneys to provide legal representation to policyholders.  Under Washington law, […]