Is It Okay to Breach a Contract?

Kennewick Lawyer discusses the risks of breaking a contract

What is a breach of contract? We live in a world filled with contracts. Much of how and when we do things is regulated nowadays by contracts. If you have a credit card, there is a written contract between you and the credit card company. If you are renting an apartment, there is a written […]

What Is The Process of a Lawsuit?

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What Happens In a Civil Lawsuit? A civil lawsuit is a dispute between two or more people. The word people include businesses and governments. A criminal lawsuit, on the other hand, is a dispute between the state and a private individual for violations of the state’s criminal laws. This blog provides an overview of the […]

If a Business Deceived Me, Can I Sue?

If a business deceived me, can I sue? This question has been around for as long as businesses have been around. The answer was not always obvious, but a recent court opinion has made it easier for Washingtonians to sue businesses for unfair or deceptive business acts and practices.   Washington State Consumer Laws Washington State […]

What is an Insurance Defense Lawyer?

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What is an insurance defense lawyer? Insurance companies sell insurance policies such as automobile insurance, medical malpractice insurance, commercial property insurance, and homeowner insurance through licensed insurance brokers. Insurance companies also employ licensed claims adjusters to handle claims made under these policies. Insurance companies hire attorneys to provide legal representation to policyholders.  Under Washington law, […]

When to File a Lawsuit for Construction Defects

Building or buying a new home is often the single biggest financial decision we make in our lives. We expect everything to be perfect with the house. No mistakes. No flaws. No defects. But the reality is different. There is no such thing as a perfectly constructed or perfectly remodeled house free of defects. Indeed, […]

Proving Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and fall cases or trip and fall cases are also known as premises liability cases, and they can be one of the more challenging negligence cases for a personal injury attorney to prove.  This blog article discusses some of the challenges with slip and fall cases, but it is not intended to provide a […]