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Personal InjurY

Personal injury law is an area of law in which a person is physically injured by the negligence of another person or a company. Negligence is a fancy legal word that means a person failed to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances. If your case is not settled prior to trial, a jury will decide whether a party failed to exercise reasonable care.

At Aultman Law, I have literally handled hundreds of personal injury cases from initial consultation through settlement and, when necessary, trial. Some of the cases I’ve handled over the last 17 years include:

  • car accidents
  • commercial trucking accidents
  • slip and falls
  • trip and falls
  • wrongful deaths
  • motorcycle accidents

If you were injured, you can contact me to discuss your situation. Perhaps you will find you do not need an attorney or that your case can be settled without filing a lawsuit.

How Can A Personal Injury ATtorney Help You?

Personal injury cases can be complex. A personal injury attorney must be a good listener, competent to read and understand medical records, know which facts to gather, and have the ability to apply those facts to the law.

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common type of personal injury case, but many other types of situations can also result in personal injuries. Your personal injury attorney should have extensive experience handling a variety of personal injury cases and be comfortable presenting your case to insurance adjusters, mediators, arbitrators, and juries.

Car Accidents

All Washington State drivers have a duty to exercise reasonable care in the operation of their vehicles on public roads. This includes abiding by state laws such as stopping for stop signs, keeping a safe following distance, and signaling when changing lanes. Yet accidents still happen.

Car accidents happen for many reasons. The at-fault driver might have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Or the at-fault driver may have applied his brakes too late to avoid hitting your car. In these instances, negligence may seem obvious, but it requires an experienced personal injury attorney to prove the other driver was negligent. That can be challenging. Make sure you hire a personal injury attorney with extensive experience handling these types of cases.

Commercial Trucking Accidents

Commercial truck drivers must not only abide by state laws, they must also follow strict federal safety regulations. Of the more than 3 million commercial truck drivers, most are good drivers. They go to special driving schools to learn how to become a professional driver. Nonetheless, a negligent commercial truck driver can cause horrible, life-changing accidents because of the size of their vehicles. Your personal injury attorney should understand the trucking laws as well as how to locate evidence on board the trucks that can make or break a case. Make sure your personal injury attorney has considerable experience handling the unique complexities of commercial trucking accidents.

motorcycle accident lawyer

Motorcycle Accidents

Even though Washington drivers are required to keep a lookout for all other vehicles, drivers often fail to see a motorcyclist before a collision. For this reason, motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of suffering serious, sometimes permanent personal injuries from an accident. It is often critical to hire the right expert to reconstruct how the accident happened and how it could have been avoided. As an experienced personal injury attorney, I have handled motorcycle accidents caused by other vehicles, stationary objects, and roadway obstructions.

Slip and Fall & Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip or trip accidents happen for a variety of reasons, including clumsiness. When a dangerous condition such as water, debris, or uneven surface is present inside or outside a business and causes someone to get injured, the business might be negligent. It is important to understand that just because a dangerous condition exists at a property does not mean the dangerous condition was caused by negligence. Determinations of negligence are highly dependent on when the business knew or should have known about the dangerous condition. Your personal injury attorney should have experience evaluating these types of cases. At Aultman Law, I have handled many of these cases, some involving hotels, grocery stores, malls, and worksites.

If you need help with a personal injury matter in Benton, Franklin, or surrounding counties, contact my office today.